Harrison Painter

Interior Design, Cover Design, Logo Design

Harrison Painter is a creator of purpose-driven content who contacted Self Publish Easily to create a logo and format the interior of his latest publication(at the time). Once the design team captured Harrison’s initial idea, they expanded and developed it whilst keeping the lines of communication open for his feedback. 

There was no set timeline, however, the design team kept its aim on completing the project in seven days or less. This goal was met. Timeliness was coupled with quality work and customer satisfaction. The value of being and maintaining trusted connections was of utmost importance. This was reflected in the design team’s appreciation of the customer throughout the process.

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Harrison Painter

Self Publish Easily: A trusted Connection - They are great communicators and provide quality work.
I experienced no hurdles while working with them. 
I specifically like their people skills. Would I recommend them? -100% yes!
You can trust that they will get a quality job done on time, and on budget. 

Love you guys!!!

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