We enjoyed working with Aaron Shawn Harper, an international speaker and business owner. One of our biggest challenges was working around his busy schedule, but we were able to accommodate him and provide him with the services he needed. Although the timeline was extended due to editing, we delivered a final product that met Shawn’s expectations. 

One thing we appreciated about working with Shawn was his insistence that his wife had the final say on his work. It was clear that family connection was essential to him, and we were happy to work with him from that place.

We met Shawn’s goal of being a one-stop shop for all of his self-publishing needs. While we could not work with him face-to-face, we look forward to the opportunity to do so. When we work with customers face to face, we can create even more amazing books by listening more deeply.

Shawn’s experience with our company represents the power of recommendations. We are grateful he had a positive experience and was willing to share it with others. As a result, our network has been growing, and we are thankful that our commitment to doing our very best is reaping benefits.

We look forward to working with Shawn and other customers in the future to help them achieve their self-publishing goals.

Aaron Shawn Harper

I recently used the services of Self Publish Easily, and I am thrilled with the experience. As a speaker, I was looking for a company that would help me self-publish my book, and I chose this company because of its compassionate approach to its services.

One of the most significant benefits I experienced when working with this company was their extremely timely service. Despite being unable to work face-to-face with the team, I found that this was not a problem at all, and the team could provide me with excellent service remotely.

I also loved that this company was a one-stop shop for all my self-publishing needs. I could get everything I needed in one place, saving me a lot of time and hassle.

Overall, I recommend this company to anyone looking to self-publish their book. The team did excellent work and would be a great choice for anyone looking for an online self-publishing solution. In fact, I would tell anyone thinking about working with this company to “jump in and win” based on my experience.
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Amanda Jones
Interior Design, Cover Design