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What's the biggest obstacle you're facing with completing your book? Is writing consistently a challenge? Do you need accountability? Do you have fears concerning self-publishing? 

Help is one zoom call away. Join Engel and Amanda in four weekly sessions designed to empower you on Self-Publishing.

The Agenda

Week 1
What is your goal?

In this session we explore your writer's goal, if you have one. If not we assist you in identifying and establishing your WHY for writing. 

Week 2
How to remain consistent?

Here we examine consistency - one of the biggest challenges for writers- and ways to overcome it.

Week 3
How does self-publishing work?

In this session we seek to bring an understanding of the self-publishing platform.

Week 4
How to create your book marketing plan?

The aim of this session is to creatively develop an effective marketing plan that represents you.

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Boot Camp Reviews 

Denise / Teacher

I joined the author’s boot camp because I want to be a published writer, There were three benefits to joining: Networking, learning do's and don'ts of publishing and having an avenue to publish my work. I was concerned about my time but still joined. After I'm still doing things pretty much the same way, but I feel more hopeful about getting to publish my work. I no longer feel like I have to wait for a long time to find publishing opportunities. I specifically liked the comfortable environment that was formed in the group. I would recommend author’s boot camp because it’s a good opportunity for persons to try their hand at being published, which can help them earn a living.

Darcel / Social Worker

I chose Author’s Boot Camp to have a support group and accountability for writing. I have benefited from new tools for mapping work, marketing strategies and a community. At first I was concerned with my other responsibilities clashing with the class time. When I joined I used to write based on motivation or when I felt inspired to write. Now I am trying to be more disciplined and consistent with the writing. Even if it's a little at a time. I specifically like the facilitators willingness to share. I would recommend you join. It's an opportunity to learn and gain a community that will support writers in their journey. Thank you for availing yourselves to serve!

Author's Boot Camp

We make it as easy as ABC.